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For Sale - Senate Seat

Thursday, 11 December 2008 03:23

For Sale: Illinois Senate Seat. Low mileage. Well maintained. Motivated seller must sell, lost job, moving to state prison. No reasonable offer refused. Call (soon to be former) Gov Blagojevich for details.

Can you believe this guy? Did he really think that he would get away with trying to sell the vacant IL senate seat to the highest bidder? And I thought Elliot Spitzer was the dumbest Governor in the country... This guy makes good old client #9 look like a saint. The New York Daily News had a great editorial cartoon by Bill Bramhall yesterday. I'll link it here.
This is just another great example of how the people we elect to represent us in Gov't forget what they were really elected to do, and start thinking only of themselves. I hope you rot in prison Blagojevich! I wonder who else you are going to bring down with you?

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