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Kayak Trip

Friday, 21 September 2007 01:56
So I mentioned that we were on vacation the week following Labor Day. I thought I would add a bit of detail to that. We didn't just work on projects around the house. We actually got out in the kayaks for a while too. We do have some pictures (I hope) on a disposable camera that we need to get developed. I'll add them once I get them back. We didn't take the digital camera with us, but we will next time out.

We put in at the canoe access ramp on the way to Saranac, and headed out toward Follensby Pond. we didn't make it to the pond, actually now that I look at the map I think we went past it without realizing it. That is a good spot for us to put in. It is close by, and when the wind kicks up the river does not get too choppy. It is nice and protected winding through a beautiful area.

Here are a couple of pictures, just to give a little background of what the trip was like. Hopefully we will get back the others soon, and have some more pictures to post.

We packed a nice lunch, and were out there for a good while. Along the way we saw a couple of different Blue Herron, red tailed hawks, turtles, and a muskrat (they are cuter than they sound.) On our way out we ran into a couple of women putting in at the same spot with their Kayaks, and they asked if we made it to the waterfall. So I guess we'll have to adventure a little further next time to find the falls.

There are several campsites along the way there also. Maybe we will adventure out for an overnight trip some time.
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0 #2 Scott 2007-09-22 08:37
Maybe, on a nice night... It was Brenda's suggestion. It's not like we would be far from home (camp) if we wanted to get back to civilization.
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0 #1 Alison 2007-09-22 05:52
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