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Making a difference

Tuesday, 22 April 2008 02:28
Happy Earth Day everyone. That's right, April 22nd 2008 is Earth Day! So what right? Well this year I am going to make a pledge to myself to try to change at least one aspect of my life to make even a small difference. It's the least I can do right?

So here it is, I am going to work on using less water. No more leaving the faucet running while brushing my teeth, limit the yard sprinkling, less water doing dishes, etc... We'll see how well I do, but I at least have to try.

So how about you? Want to join my pledge? Leave me a comment on how you are celebrating Earth Day this year.

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0 #3 Steve-O 2008-05-05 04:00
:P My wife and I are trying the carpool thing this week. Her office is on the way to mine. I dropped her off this morning and I wasn't much later than I usually am. I figure it's a win/win if i can help save the environment and save money at the same time. I am also cracking down on the number of lights left on and chargers plugged in around the house. That's hard with two kids and a gaggle of tech gadgets.
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0 #2 Green Me 2008-04-22 15:11
:-) Happy Earth Day! Thank you for participating in the Spark! My pledge for Earth Day is to try out our local bus system (and actually use it 4 times per month), use reusable containers for take-out and to find a way to recycle old clothes (that aren't good enough to give away)!
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0 #1 Melly 2008-04-22 02:53

good post! I will join you in your pledge!!

This year I will work on both reducing the amount of water I use in my home and also reduce the amount of electricity. We watch a lot of TV at my house and I know we could help the planet, as well as our brains to turn it off and play games, go do stuff outside or read a book instead!
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