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Matthew - the detour magnet

Friday, 27 July 2007 04:25
Matthew - the detour magnet

So Matthew came up to the lake with us last weekend (7/20/2007 - 7/22/2007.) Well of course there are some pictures that we took in the Gallery. They are in The Lake - Album - July 2007 - Album - Matthew at the lake 07/22/2007. But on to the story: On the way up to camp there was apparently a bad accident on the northway, so we wound up having to go up rt 9 to Malta in stop and go traffic before we could get on the highway. It wasn't too bad. We got to the lake a little later than normal, but it was ok.

Saturday we went out in the boat. I went wakeboarding Matt gave it a try also. Then we hung out at the camp, and I beat everyone at pool and darts. Sunday Brenda decided that since no one made a decision of what to do that we should do everything! So after breakfast we went out int he boat again, We dragged Matt around on the tube, and I went wakeboarding again

We went back to the camp, cleaned up, packed up and left to go on a little hike.

We hiked to the summit of Panther Mountain. It's only a 1.2 mile round trip hike, and a good view. Matt really wore Lucy out on the hike.

After hiking we headed to Lake placid where we played some Mini-Golf. After I slaughtered Matt and Brenda on the golf course we were going to head down main street and stop for dinner at the Chinese / Japanese restaurant.

Well this is where Matt's ability to attract detours comes in again. Sunday was the annual Iron Man competition in lake Placid, so the road was closed off. They were detouring people around Mirror lake, or so we thought. We decided to follow the detour and eat on our way home. Well the detour took us to exit 34 where we got on the highway around 40 mile north of the exit we would have got on. It was more than just a few minutes out of the way. Finally we stopped in Glens Falls at the 99 restaurant for dinner. Matt enjoyed harassing the waitress with baseball trivia while we were there... did you know that the only no hitter pitched in post season play was game 5 of the 1956 world series when
Don Larsen pitched a perfect game?

So we finally made it home around 10:30. No more detours!


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