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November, already?

Wednesday, 04 November 2009 08:29
I can't believe it's already November 4th! Summer was way too short this year, autumn was way too short this year, this year was way too short this year. I guess I am getting old... time is just flying by.

But with November upon us, it's almost time for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to some good turkey this year. We might actually have thanksgiving dinner either at our house, or up to the lake this year. We have done it before with just a few visitors, buit this year it looks like we would have a houseful if we do it. Of course we would break out the Brined Roasted Turkey recipe. There really is no better way to cook a turkey. Not sure what stuffing we would do though. Probably go with a traditional sausage stuffing. My mouth is watering already with 3 weeks to go.

Scott Pollacek - about me


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