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Things never go as planned

Sunday, 18 November 2007 03:08
So we ordered the tile for the lake.  Around 700 square feet total.  The tile came in on Friday, and I managed to sneak out of the office a few minutes early to pick it all up.  The plan was to pick up the tile and head up to the lake to get some work done this weekend.  Things never go as planned.

I got home with the tile, and started to unload the truck.  There was no way we could bring it all up to the lake in one trip, the truck was severely overloaded.  When I started to unload, I noticed that BestTile had shorted me on the large tiles.  I got on the phone with them, and they realized their error.  So back to the tile store to pick up the rest.  When I got home, I stated unloading again.  Again I noticed a problem.  On the smaller tiles they had given me 22 boxes of one style that I was only supposed to have 9 boxes, and they other style that I was supposed to have 14 boxes, I had none.  By this time they were already closed. 

So no trip to the lake this weekend, I talked to the tile store Saturday, and they will have to correct tile in on Tuesday.  So hopefully one more trip back to BestTile, and we can start to get some work done the day after thanksgiving.


0 #2 Scott 2007-11-19 02:10
We spent the weekend changing locks at my parents, and getting them ready to go south
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0 #1 Becky & Steve 2007-11-18 05:37
Thanks for calling us! :cry::
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