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Tile Time - well almost

Thursday, 29 November 2007 01:43
Well, we finally have all of our tile, and last weekend we started to work up at the lake. I started by laying out some tile to test the pattern, and direction that we want to use. So far we are very happy with the way it looks.

Once we were done playing with how it is going to look, it was time to get dirty. First step, remove all the trim, and tear up the linoleum. Piece of cake, I'll have that done in a couple of hours... Well, not as easy as I had hoped. The glue on the linoleum is remarkably strong considering it's 18 years old. So off to the hardware store I went. First I thought that a solvent of some kind to dissolve the adhesive would be a good idea. I bought some, but haven't actually used it yet. Heat was my next choice, and after a little testing with the hair dryer, we decided that would be the best route to get the linoleum up. So, back to the hardware store to buy a heat gun.
Armed with a utility knife, a 4 inch scraper and my new heat gun, we cut the floor into 4 inch strips, and started scraping. We didn't get as much done as we had hoped, but the majority of the kitchen area is complete. This weekend we'll finish off that area, the pantry, mud room, and maybe the downstairs bathroom. Here's a couple pictures of the process.

I can't wait to actually start tiling.


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